PLIMON GLOBAL SLU produces and distributes products for the food,chemical, cosmetic and pharma industries.

As strategic allies of our clients, we value  quality as an essential element in our  partnership. It is one of our corporate values, and we work to promote  it in every  area of our business. PLIMON GLOBAL SLU is synonymous with quality – we rely on an Integrated Management System and an implementation of procedures and protocols at all levels of our company.

The objective of our  Organization’s Policy is to consolidate this reality by always improving service and adapting  to the requirements of our clients, starting from the periodic definition of objectives, the evaluation of client satisfaction and developing continuous improvement programs.

PLIMON GLOBAL SLU is committed to maintaining the Integrated Management System implemented according to  ISO 9001: 2015, IFS BROKER and FAMI-QS Regulations,  the Management declaring  the commitment to compliance by all the staff of the organization with the guidelines defined in the aforementioned system. PLIMON GLOBAL SLU values ​​the environment and context of our organization, taking into account the life cycle of our products and services.

Likewise, PLIMON GLOBAL SLU complies with  regulations and defines development objectives in terms of social and environmental responsibility. The commitments include key aspects of the CSR approach (human rights, labor relations and conditions, the environment, social integration, good business practices, etc),  as well as the 2030 Agenda and the well-being of all the firm’s employees.

PLIMON GLOBAL SLU is committed to contributing to the sustainable development established by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which is a universal call for the adoption of measures to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. These goals cover a wide range of areas: reducing poverty and economic inequality, sustainable consumption, inclusive growth and productive employment, innovation, gender equality, health, access to water and sanitation, adaptation to climate change, access to clean energy , sustainable management of terrestrial ecosystems, management of the oceans, and promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies.