Vegetable oil with proven efficacy (In Vitro, In Vivo, etc.).

Some examples of Olik® Actives are:

Skin lightener developed and offered by Plimon, incorporates lipidic phase and bioactive principles at a time. This allows cosmetic manufacturers to replace chemical raw materials and synthetic bioactives by a natural vegetable raw material and bioactive principles in one step. It can be easily incorporated in a formulation fully replacing lipidic phase. Manufacturing process becomes easier, avoiding the steps of solubilization/stabilization of whitening active principles.

Optimized combination of lineal esters and long chain fatty acids isolated from natural vegetable oils. Its outstanding spreadability makes it an ideally suited massage oil, with additional moisturizing and skin barrier repairing properties. Fully designed by Plimon, it is free from pore-clogging mineral oils, usually present in other current massage oils in the market.

Smart vegetable lipid formulation with soothing and humectant properties at a time. Intended to relieve skin discomfort, this Plimon’s creation contains top-range lipid compounds from vegetable origin. It is a special product aimed to formulate post-depilation or post-peeling cosmetics, or after-shave products, to be used after any beauty procedure potentially causing irritation or a temporary inflammation of skin.

Vegetable formulation conceived by Plimon, addressed to create smart hair care cosmetic products. It aids in moisture retention and replenishing of structural lipids of hair. It also allows hair to be supple, untangled, glossy, bright and with enhanced volume and a healthy appearance.