Diversification and international expansion: the pillars of our strategy

PLIMON GLOBAL SLU seeks to be a strategic ally to our suppliers and clients, to fully supply their needs for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. We combine a complete service of distribution of high quality products, working closely  with  professional technical advisors.

Our vision is to be a leading industrial group, with a global vocation and recognition for  high quality service, financial strength, capacity for innovation and social responsibility.

PLIMON GLOBAL SLU bases its business and social performance on its corporate values ​​of quality, trust and social commitment. We understand quality as the will to serve customers, providing them with excellent customer service and offering value through loyal and fruitful relationships. Trust is the sum of honesty, transparency, professionalism and friendly customer service.  Lastly, we value social commitment, which is manifested   by observing   high environmental standards, promoting  sustainable development and creating quality employment.